Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer 2012

I am taking another wood and soda firing class at CLC this summer. It is good to be back from Kansas City (although I miss it already!) and work, load, and fire with some familiar faces. Our first firing in the CLC train kiln was a good one and we are hoping to get another three firings in until the end of July; including a reduction cooling and a tumble stack.

iPhone_ 1255
Starting the first CLC train kiln for the summer; Ben Bates

iPhone_ 1329
First wood firing; I had some re-fires (4 to the left), one rice-paper-decal trial,
and one plain, oribe over shino cup; all turned out awesome.

iPhone_ 1331
My favorite is this Matt Kelleher cup, which he made during the Penland
workshop with Dan Anderson. Dan trimmed and glazed it and we
fired it in the salt kiln. He asked me to bring it to CLC
and re-fire it. I re-glazed it and it is beautiful!

iPhone_ 1326
Opening the first (EVER!!) soda kiln; virgin firing, so to speak; Ben Bates, Brandon Schnur.

iPhone_ 1335
I had nothing but re-fires in the soda. Not as great as the wood firing, I think,
but I got two most awesome cups out of this one.

We are now working to fill our next kilns; one wood, one soda. We are firing the week after the 4th of July. I've been working on some jars with lids and cups.

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  1. Love the shape and colors of the goblets and cups. Wish I was closer to see them in person.