Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Studio Space

Studio space at the Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI) is sparse these days. Although our Junior group is small, we've had 28 Sophomores come in this semester, and nobody has dropped... yet... I am surprised, as usual, how much stuff I have and how much stuff I use, and how little space I have to store all of this stuff! So, a big clean-up was in order for midterm critique, I moved my wheel so I can utilize my entire work space in front of the window, organized my tools and moved all the other stuff into my cubby(ies). 

My wheel and work space. The lower two shelves are mine as well.
My image sources - pure inspiration! Plus some much needed workspace.
Thank goodness I have awesome studio mates who share some of their space :)
Kudos to Corey and Joey!
Some of my many tools in these awesome soda crates that I found for
cheap at an antique mall here in KCMO.

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