Tuesday, August 18, 2015

STUDIO | Cleaning the studio

Although I have been working in my home studio since November last year, I haven't had the time yet to get everything out of the boxes and organize the tools and supplies properly. These boxes were packed at the Kansas City Art Institute when I graduated in 2014... 

I am still missing a lot of my throwing tools and that just shows how long I've not been throwing. I have mainly been working with plaster and casting slip, and most of my time right now is filled with china-painting the vases, plates, and tea sets I brought back from my travels to Asia last year.
The wheel area -
I did sit down yesterday to throw some cups on the wheel -
I still got it, no worries, it's like riding a bike!

My shelving -
the family we rent the space from designed everything for
their painting studio.
We just added some shelving to accommodate our needs
to store shorter stuff.

The china-painting area -
I like to stand up when I work.
It is much easier on my back!
This has just the right height to stand all day
and not get a backache!

Oh, all the stuff I have...
Mostly molds I made during my residencies in
Hungary and China, supplies I used during
my Undergrad years at KCAI, and tools...
... loads of tools...

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