Friday, August 14, 2015

Studio Nong in KCMO

I took the sculpture workshop with artist collective Studio Nong at Belger Crane Yard Studios here in KCMO. This was my first time sculpting and working with a red clay body, and I enjoyed all the pointers Misty Gamble, Jessie Fisher and Bangmin Nong could give me. Although my sculpture looked nothing like our model Tommy Frank, it was super exciting to work so contrarily to how I usually operate. No porcelain and metal nibs for precision, just red iron stained hands, a wooden tool, and an eye for facial planes and contours.

Studio Nong is an artists collective and international residency program focused on figurative clay sculpture and the fusion on eastern and western artistic practice. Made up of eight artists and educators from the United States and southern China, the Collective's current residency program takes place at the Memphis College of Art and the Kansas City Art Institut.
The work they made during this residency will be in a show called "SunSet | SunRise: Work from Studio Nong" and will be up at Belger Crane Yard Studios here in KCMO from August 28th until September 18th, 2015. I toured their studio at the Kansas City Art Institute yesterday and their sculptures look AMAZING!!

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